Our Work in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia

Subregion South Caucasus

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in the South Caucasus


The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom was one of the first German political foundations to begin its activities in the South Caucasus. Today the Foundation for Freedom has local offices in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Our main goal is to support all three countries in their efforts to build and strengthen the institutions of freedom, including democracy, political pluralism, the rule of law, the market economy and - most important - the principles of a free society.


Offering liberal strategies for the transition in state, market, and society


Ou activities focus on three main methods: political education, policy advice, and regional peace dialogue. The Foundation co-operates with local partner organizations in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia, assisting them to develop liberal ideas and policies to help overcome their countries´ challenging triple transition of state, market, and society.

Furthermore the Foundation for Freedom facilitates a network of liberal partner organisations in the South Caucasus that offers its members know-how, resources and the possibility to exchange experiences.


Strengthening the peace dialogue and regional cooperation


The regional peace dialogue bears a particularly prominent position in our work. Since 1998, the Foundation for Freedom has initiated a series of regional meetings and workshops that aim at strengthening peaceful conflict management and regional cooperation. The goal is to support our partners in their efforts to build a regional framework for freedom, peace, and prosperity in the South Caucasus.


Bringing the South Caucasus closer to Europe


In addition, the Foundation for Freedom offers seminars and workshops on the EU and NATO with the aim to deepen the understanding of the structure and functioning logic of international organisations. 

Last but not least, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom facilitates exchange programs for young leadership from liberal organizations in the South Caucasus with their counterparts in European Capitals, and in particular in Berlin, Strasbourg and Brussels. By strengthening people-to-people contacts we support young leaders in their efforts to build democratic institutions and regional stability in the South Caucasus.

Subregion Southern Caucasus


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